Participate as a Days of Taste® Chef

We could not run our signature program, Days of Taste®, without the help of our talented and generous chefs. Volunteering involves two mornings in a school classroom interacting with fourth grade students. On the first day, the chef helps teach kids about the basics of taste; on the second morning the chef guides students in making and enjoying a fresh and healthy salad and vinaigrette. In addition to their time, Days of Taste® chefs provide the small amount of food required to run the program on both days.

Compete in Farm to Chef Maryland

Think Iron Chef, Maryland Style! This one-of-a-kind foodie event is a culinary competition that pairs local farmers with the area’s most talented chefs to create original dishes that highlight the region’s wide abundance of local, fresh ingredients. This amazing night has upward of 500 attendees and is the annual fundraiser for TasteWise Kids and our signature program, Days of Taste®.

Partner for a Restaurant Promotion

TasteWise Kids provides the Days of Taste® program free of charge to over 3,300 students per school year, a number we would like to continue to increase. We believe that we can help drive one another's missions by working together to craft a restaurant promotion that simultaneously highlights you and your restaurant as one of our amazing partners and raises funds so that more kids can participate in our high-quality, hands-on food education programming.

Donate Gift Cards to Reward our Volunteers

So many individuals volunteer so that Days of Taste® can happen - we love to reward those donating their time either in the classroom or behind the scenes. There is no better gift for a culinary enthusiast than the gift of a foodie experience.

Help us Grow our Network

We are always looking for new chefs and supporters to partner with. If you know of anyone that is interested in getting involved, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are also always on the lookout for volunteers with an interest in sharing their love of good food. If you would be interested in displaying volunteer recruitment materials in your business, please let us know!


We are also open to new ideas for getting involved with us. Please get in touch using our contact form to learn about any of the above opportunities or to offer any other ideas you have.