Corporate / Organizations

Donate funds where they are needed most

An undesignated donation allows us the flexibility to direct funds to the areas of greatest need, enabling us to make the largest impact. Program evaluation, program development and building volunteer capacity are all examples of unearmarked funds hard at work for our organization.

Encourage Employee Volunteerism

Our volunteers are our greatest resource - please let us know if you think your employees could help advance the mission of TasteWise Kids by donating their time in a classroom or behind the scenes. Employee volunteerism has been proven to boost morale, can provide a valuable opportunity for team building, and can allow your organization to show that it is a leader in your community.

Adopt a School

Become a Days of Taste® Adopt-a-School sponsor and help students cultivate a love for learning and food. We would love to work with you to identify a school in your community that would benefit from our programs as well as your funds and employee driven volunteer efforts

Sponsor a Farm Visit

Help us re-connect kids with where their food comes from and open their eyes to the role of farms in their community by donating funds that cover the cost of the farm trip and fresh produce for each student on Day 2 of the Days of Taste® program.

Donate Product

We are always looking for ways to incorporate materials and food products into both our educational programs and annual Farm to Chef fundraiser event. We look forward to working with you to identify the best way for us to work together in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Support Farm to Chef Maryland

Consider supporting Farm to Chef, Maryland’s most unique and exciting experience for food enthusiasts - a culinary competition that pairs local farmers with the Baltimore area’s most talented chefs and mixologists to create original dishes and cocktails that highlight the region’s wide abundance of local, fresh ingredients. The event also features an array of Maryland’s wines, beers, and spirits. We would love to work with you to determine the best way to highlight your brand at this unique event.


We are also open to new ideas for getting involved with us. Please get in touch using our contact form to learn about any of the above opportunities or to offer any other ideas you have.