Izzy Siedman

Communications Specialist

Communications Specialist, Izzy Siedman

Izzy Siedman (she/her) serves as the Communications Specialist for TasteWiseKids. In this role, she manages outreach to the organization’s audiences, from social media and emails to updating website content. In addition to communications, Izzy has a love of design work and uses her skills to bring the amazing, creative content of TWK’s program managers to life. Before joining the team, she graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in English, where she loved her role teaching first-year students about the integrated arts. She came to TasteWise Kids as a volunteer in 2020, with a curiosity for all the behind-the-scenes work that makes a non-profit tick. Living in Vermont imbued a deep love and appreciation for the ways in which food connects people to each other and our earth. Cooking and baking are, to her, necessary ingredients to a happy life and a stake in the future health of our planet. Her favorite vegetable is an onion, for its versatility and humbleness.