Julie Eugenio

TWKatHome Program Manager

Julie Eugenio (she/her),
serves as the TWKatHome Program Manager, bringing educational content around food to children and their families in TasteWise Kids' new online format. She volunteered for Farm to Chef 2020 where she fell in love with TasteWise Kids' mission. Now she brings her experience as a teacher in Howard county, where she was always involved in after school programs that worked to enrich the school community. She is a mother of three young boys and understands the importance of teaching children how to make healthy choices and to understand and appreciate where food comes from. Her husband, Ray Eugenio, is Chef and Owner of Heritage Kitchen, which gives Julie a unique glimpse into the food industry. You will find her and her boys hanging out at the Whitehall Mill market on weekends, probably chowing down on some delicious food.