Meet Rebecca Teaff of RedStart Creative

Rebecca Teaff

Do you like our new logo? Website? We do too and we have Rebecca and the team at RedStart Creative to thank for our new look. I have been lucky enough to have gotten to know Rebecca over the past couple of years after hearing her speak at a local conference. Not only is she a very smart and talented communications specialist, she cares deeply about healthy eating, kids and giving back to the Baltimore community. I’m excited for you to get to know her too.  

And I don’t know about you, but I definitely will be trying out some of the recipes she’s pinned starting with the slow cooker tomato balsamic chicken!

Rebecca Teaff, Chief Creative Officer and Founder, RedStart Creative


How are you involved with TasteWise Kids?
Redstart Creative selected TasteWise Kids as our Jumpstart for Pro Bono winner for 2018. We have worked with you to update your brand, message and website.

I love your mission to bring food and nutrition education to kids!


What is your job and/or how are you involved in the food scene in Maryland?
I am the owner of Redstart Creative. We support branding and digital efforts for nonprofits in Maryland. One of our main focus areas is supporting nonprofits in education. One of my personal passions is health and nutrition education. I truly believe that nutrition can solve many of the health issues we face today.


In your opinion, what makes TasteWise Kids so special?
TasteWise Kids is impacting the lives of so many children and setting them up for healthy lives. Not just for them, but for their families too! Food can be fun!


What is your favorite vegetable?
Avocado, is that a fruit? …if not then Spinach.


If you could have one meal at a local restaurant, what and where would it be?
This is so, so hard… Two favorites – The California on gluten free wrap from Zia’s Cafe or Beet and Bib Salad with Chicken Salad from Atwaters.


If you could travel to any city in the world for a “food trip”, where would you go?
I traveled to Italy in college and the food was amazing so now I think I’d love to go to France, especially the countryside.


What is your favorite thing to cook at home?
Over the last few years I’ve learned to cook and love home cooked meals. I learned to cook after really changing up my diet towards more whole foods and anti-inflammatory. I love to cook eggs on weekend mornings and recently I have been experimenting with more vegetarian meals. Anything that is whole food and quick prep! Here is my board on Pinterest that literally is my cookbook –


When you ask the bartender for “the usual”, what is it?
An Old Fashioned or Titos and soda.


What is a favorite food related memory from your childhood?
My mom is Polish and we would make perogies with my Grandmother. They were always such a special treat!


What are 2 or 3 things that are always in your refrigerator?
I always, always have eggs, almond milk and almond butter in the fridge. In the kitchen I always have avocados, spinach from my Tower Garden and bananas.