National Salad Month Donations in Action!

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We are excited to announce that thanks to your donations made during National Salad Month, we were able to distribute 50 salad kits last Thursday between the Cherry Hill and Patterson Park neighborhoods, with produce from CHUGG (Cherry Hill Urban Community Garden) and Oliver St. Garden!



In Cherry Hill, kits were distributed to families at The Historic Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School. Recipients at this site were very excited to know that produce was coming from CHUCG, and it seemed to spark interest for people to be reminded that food was growing so close by. The basil and scallions included in the kits especially made the bags smell amazing, so people were getting excited just picking them up!



Mera Kitchen Collective also helped us identify CASA, in the Patterson Place neighborhood to distribute the remaining kits complete with recipes translated into Spanish for families in the Patterson Park community. We received feedback that this community was especially excited about “los cebollinos” (the scallions) which are common in latinx cooking and often absent from provided produce boxes.


We are so incredibly grateful for YOUR donations that made this possible – thank you for giving during an especially hard time!