Thanks to you, TasteWise Kids had an amazing year!

Dot students

by Wendy Jeffries, Executive Director, TasteWise Kids

I’m excited to share that we have had an amazing year at TasteWise Kids. Here are just a few highlights illustrating how we have inspired kids to experience and explore the world of food and its sources and empowered our students to think about food in new ways.
  • Our Days of Taste program celebrated 20 years – Thanks to the amazing work of our exceptional volunteers, our program that teaches kids about the journey of food from farm to table and the elements of taste has been in Baltimore area schools for 20 years. The program has grown from one school to about 40 schools per year and over 20,000 students have participated.
  • Over 1,200 salad kits were sent home in 2018 – To demonstrate their new skills and knowledge, students in many schools were able to take home a “salad kit” that allowed them to make a fresh salad and homemade dressing with their family. We are so excited that this first step of extending the learning to families has been successful . We are hearing great things from parents, such as “I absolutely loved this! Great conversation to have with my children. Everything was super fresh!” and “I didn’t know I liked salad!”
  • We created a stronger connection with our partners – We know how important our collaborators, volunteers and individuals like you are to our success. To ensure that you know the latest TasteWise Kids happenings and how you can support our mission, we aimed to improve our communications this year – finetuning engagement materials, launching this weekly blog on our website, and keeping you posted consistently on our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook ).
We also served more kids this year than ever before – over 3,400 students in Baltimore City, and Baltimore, Howard, and Harford Counties participated in our Days of Taste program.

When we regularly hear comments like, “I didn’t know carrots grow in the ground” and “I only like vegetables with LOTS of Ranch dressing , we know we need to reach more students and families. We have big goals for 2019, so stay tuned!

As it’s the time of year for holiday cheer, friends and sharing – which often happens over good food – I wanted to share a favorite holiday recipe of mine . It’s as easy as it can get, yet it is also one that people always love. My kids call them “fancy carrots!”

Happy holidays and happy tasting!

Wendy Jeffries
Executive Director, TasteWise Kids