Volunteering with the Days of Taste program Spring 2018

2018 Spring - 106 (1)

by Sarah Harbinson, Intern, TasteWise Kids


Becoming involved in TasteWise Kids has allowed me to see first-hand the value of – educating our youngsters early about food; how it grows, where it comes from, as well as preparation methods of various foods.

Getting involved as a volunteer was an easy choice. TasteWise Kids promotes the same principles and values I have learned throughout my college experience. Pursuing a degree in Nutrition has taught me many things; one is the importance of education. Whether it be food education, nutrition education, or sustainable farming practices – educating kids on these topics will instill good practices and knowledge for a lifetime.

Volunteering gave me the unique opportunity to support students during their classroom days and farm trips as well as picking up new skills and information I hadn’t previously known.

The staff did a great job of making sign ups easy as well as giving information to the volunteers that we needed to know prior to our experience such as arrival time and schedule for each day. These may seem trivial but knowing these things made me feel prepared and excited about the opportunity.

Day 3 – salad making day was my favorite experience. It gave the students clear roles, so they could be directly involved. Each student had a job from whisking the salad dressing or adding ingredients to the salad. Seeing kids so enthusiastic about salad made me realize how easy it can be to get kids involved in healthy food through its preparation. As someone who liked experiential learning best in school, I could relate!

I would encourage everyone to get involved with this wonderful program and organization. It is hands-on, fun and rewarding. I am now more motivated than ever to bring my education and practical experience together as I explore potential careers.

Sarah Harbinson

University of New Hampshire, ’19

College of Life Science & Agriculture

Nutrition: Nutrition & Wellness