Welcome Week Four of GiveWise December

week four

Already Week Four of GiveWise December?!

It’s fourth week of the month already and today also marks the Winter Solstice. Cheers to longer and better days ahead! Many of you are already tuned in to our exclusive GiveWise Calendar content. But for those of you just discovering GiveWise, you’re probably wondering, what is the GiveWise Calendar? We wanted to create a calendar with fun, small ways to show gratitude and give back to yourself and your community. It’s kind of like an Advent calendar but one focused on food and connection. This is our Thank You to you and our many supporters.

If you missed the first three weeks of the calendar, not to worry, find them here in case you’re in need of some extra activities for you and your family.

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See below week four’s giving activities or download a pdf of the calendar here. Having trouble accessing some of our links? See a list of this week’s giving activities in the instructions below for easier access.


Just like you would use an advent calendar, check the activity for each day on our GiveWise calendar throughout the month of December. You can choose to complete the activities every day or just on the days that work best for you and your family.

Below are the activities for the fourth week of the month.

Monday December 21st

Read our interview with Chef Activist, Catina Smith who works to support and spotlight Black female Chefs.

Tuesday December 22nd

Watch Farm to Chef 2020 with your family (reach out if you would like an accompanying family package) — over $5 donation gets you a permanent link!

Wednesday December 23rd

Offer to do an extra chore around the house today, like doing the dishes, cooking a meal, or making the grocery list.

Thursday December 24th

Find or ask for a family recipe or holiday tradition to recreate this month.

Friday December 25th

Share a good memory you have of spending time with loved ones from a previous year.

Saturday December 26th

Share a story about a great food you had once. You can write it down or tell it out loud to friends and family.

Sunday December 27th

Share a warm holiday drink like hot cocoa or spiced cider with friends and family.