A Night to Remember


It feels like only yesterday we were discussing the importance of food literacy over perfectly bite sized dishes prepared by some of Maryland’s very best chefs. But believe it or not, our first ever Flavors of Maryland was almost an entire month ago! Luckily, we’ve received lots of photos, videos, and the sweetest comments from all the amazing people who made it out the event to help remind us of all the fun, food, stories from that evening. We’d feel guilty keeping all the memories for ourselves, so we’re sharing snapshots of our favorites here!

And if you have a pic from that night (yes, the selfies too!) please send it to isiedman@tastewisekids.org so we can add it to our event gallery.

TasteWiseKids from Rassaan Hammond on Vimeo.

Toni and Carla from Rassaan Hammond on Vimeo.