Our Impact

TasteWise Kids brings individuals, families and communities together around food - inspiring healthy food choices that lead to open mindedness and well-being. We believe kids deserve to know where food comes from, have the knowledge to make their own informed food choices, and to have the skills to prepare their own food.

Baltimore Area 4th graders, received TasteWise Kids at Home; an additional 3,000 stakeholders received TWKatHome activities via email.
of students said they liked or loved salad after completing the virtual Days of Taste program..

“Days of Taste was the first time I liked salad!”

Days of Taste Student

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 12.33.23 PM
of families reported that their students tried a new food during our 2020 virtual Days of Taste program.
families got to cook together with one of our take-home salad kits

This word cloud illustrates the most common answers to the written question about what new foods students tried during Days of Taste, with the bigger words representing the most cited foods.


Days of Taste Program Evaluation


We are currently working with Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy to develop a program evaluation for our Days of Taste program. Last year, we worked together to create a logic model for the evaluation and then designed and implemented pilot survey evaluation tools. We collected and analyzed the pilot data, and used what we learned to improve our survey instruments. This year, we administered surveys during the Fall 2018 program, are analyzing the data, and writing our first results report. Efforts under this project will help inform TasteWise Kids’ strategies for growth and community engagement, as well as fundraising objectives.

Our outcome measures for this evaluation are:

  • Increase student food knowledge
  • Increase student receptiveness to trying new foods
  • Promote student behavioral shifts for healthier eating