Black Girls Cook, The Prosperity and Good Luck Salad

propserity salad
Black Girls Cook is a non-profit organization working locally and nationally to teach inner-city adolescent girls of color the true meaning of farm-to-table by operating hands on cooking classes and growing edible gardens.
Chef, Executive Director and Founder Nichole Mooney was kind enough to share one of the salad recipes she uses in her programming with us, to help us spread the salad love this month.
Check out her recipe below for The Prosperity and Good Luck Salad, featuring power greens and black-eyes peas.
We wish you prosperity, good luck and energy in creating this salad!
In celebration of this salad season, we are also trying to extend the reach of the salad kits we provide to students and their families.

This May, we have a goal to raise $3,000, so that we can provide more salad kits than ever before during our Fall Days of Taste semester. Donate a salad kit to a family here.