Meet Brynne Harrison, TasteWise Kids Volunteer

brynne harrison
On this Martin Luther King Day when we are thinking about service and helping others, we want to introduce you to one of our amazing volunteers.
Meet Brynne Harrison, one of our “Super” volunteers has taken on all kinds of roles in the past year. More specifically, she has been helping us improve our evaluation methods as well as helping us with thinking through how best to collect and use data. Her help has enabled us to better articulate what our students are learning.
We couldn’t do this work without amazing volunteers like her.

How are you involved with TasteWise Kids/Days of Taste?
I assist with anything that requires statistical analysis (my favorite!) and management of program evaluations. I also provide help with database administration and general marketing strategies.
What is your job and/or how are you involved in the food scene in Maryland?
Well… I eat a LOT of food in Maryland, does that count? Overall, I’m invested in providing the community with healthy nutrition education and am particularly passionate about creating a narrative for young people that normalizes thoughtful food choices.
In your opinion, what makes Days of Taste and TasteWise Kids so special?
I’ve had the privilege of digging into our program evaluation surveys first hand and have seen the tremendous impact the program has on not only children but their families as well. Parents genuinely see a change in children’s views about healthy eating and it really seems to cascade into the larger household. The fact that TasteWise Kids bridges the gap from classroom to the child’s home is a rare accomplishment.
What is your favorite vegetable?
Onions! (Seriously!)
If you could have one meal at a local restaurant, what and where would it be?

Currently it’s got to be anything on the specials board (and of course the oysters) at
Dylan’s Oyster Cellar in Hampden. You’ll find me sitting at the bar with a front and center view of the shucking.
If you could travel to any city in the world for a “food trip”, where would you go?
INDIA! North, south, all of it! I want to learn how to make traditional dishes and get my spice on!
What is your favorite thing to cook at home?
My mom got me a dutch oven for Christmas last year — anything that can go in that thing! It’s so easy and food always turns out so moist and flavorful.
When you ask the bartender for “the usual”, what is it?

That would result in a blank stare from across the bar — I’m oddly indecisive when it comes to drink choices. It’s got to fit my mood, the atmosphere, food…. it can range from an Italian red to a Natty Boh to saki or a martini…
What are 2 or 3 things that are always in your refrigerator?
I just looked in my very empty refrigerator and saw: Green olives (I only like the Italian ones), Kion protein bars (yes, I keep them in the ‘fridge) and Amazing Grass Green Superfood powder. Anyone that knows me or travels with me will especially concur on the green drink — I always have a packet with me!