Meet Linda Schatzow, TasteWise Kids Volunteer


We feel so lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers here at TasteWise Kids that we have decided to feature them more regularly so you can get to know them too. Today, please meet Linda Schatzow , one of our amazing volunteers who has taken on all kinds of roles in the past few years. I first met Linda when we were sitting next to each other at one of the many fun food events in Baltimore City, the Origins Speaker Series , and we started to talk about what of course? Food. It eventually led to what we are doing at TasteWise Kids. She was in a place where she was ready to give back more and we got lucky enough that she chose to share her time with us. Linda has been instrumental in helping us to improve some of our volunteer procedures as well as being an active volunteer with our Days of Taste program . Learn more about how awesome Linda is.

How are you involved with TasteWise Kids?

I’m a volunteer with your Days of Taste program. I work with a couple of schools each semester helping deliver the Days of Taste program to the students along with the participating chef and farmer. Behind the scenes I’m “supply chain and logistics.” I purchase everything from jelly beans to the table cloths that are needed in the classroom. I stock the supplies in warehouse space provided by Chef’s Expressions . At Chef’s I box up the supplies for other school volunteers to pick up.

What is your job and/or how are you involved in the food scene in Maryland?

I love food shopping.I am an experienced home cook and look for the best and freshest ingredients. I’m a big fan of the farmers market for seasonal fruits and veggies. I also like local resources like Dipasquale’s for their breads and finds like chestnut honey, Prima Foods for feta, and Coveside Crabs for soft shells.

In your opinion, what makes TasteWise Kids so special?

The simple answer is it’s fun for everyone involved. With the Days of Taste program, the kids engage quickly and are excited to interact with professional chefs, farmers, and master gardeners, who share their expertise and enthusiasm with them.

What is your favorite vegetable?

The artichoke, which is actually a flower. I’ve learned a lot visiting the farms with the students.

If you could have one meal at a local restaurant, what and where would it be?

This is easy — Fried Olives, Oysters on the Half Shell, the Quail, and Lemon Ricotta Cake — all sitting at the bar at Gnocchetto (aka Gnocco .)

What is your favorite thing to cook at home?

Thanksgiving Turkey. I’ve adapted a Thomas Keller recipe that involves 1 day of air drying and 1 day of dry brining, all before the big day. When the turkey’s ready for the oven it looks horrific — the skin has dried out and is an awful color. You think there’s no way it will turn out. I massage it with ghee and 4 hours later I have a picture perfect bird with crispy skin that’s very moist on the inside.

When you ask the bartender for “the usual”, what is it?

A skinny margarita. Skinny, because I like the tartness.

What is a favorite food related memory from your childhood?

Growing up, my grandparents & parents had vegetable gardens and fruit trees at their homes. My favorite memories are walking through our garden’s tilled soil barefoot and eating sweet peas raw, right from the pod.

What are 2 or 3 things that are always in your refrigerator?

Pretty basic — lemons, mayonnaise, and eggs.