National Nutrition Month is Almost Over!

national nutrition month

March is National Nutrition Month, and if you haven’t yet explored ways in which you might introduce healthier habits into your life or your family’s, we wanted to share a favorite resource with you.

Most of our work here at TasteWise Kids currently centers around fourth grade students. We find with this age group students know what healthy eating looks like – they know they should be eating salad and other fruits and vegetables, they just don’t believe that those things can taste good.
Cue the chefs that are generous enough to donate their time to our signature Days of Taste program to show kids that healthy food and good tasting food can be one in the same, and that food can be adjusted to meet individual taste preferences and palates! At the end of the day, one child’s salad might have a bit more lemon, and another’s a bit more salt, but everyone has eaten some greens, and we call that a major nutrition win!
Of course, there are many resources out there for all different age groups beyond fourth graders, ranging from infants/toddlers – adults, and we want to share one with you today that we particularly enjoy, so much so that we include it in our Days of Taste workbook. Spend some time looking around and remember, you don’t have to overhaul everything at once, small changes can pay off big time in the long run if they are attainable and you are able to stick with them!
My plate illustrates the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image, a place setting, but there’s so much more here – customizable plans recipes and menus food galleries a huge number of tip sheets and infographics quizzes tips for eating healthy on a budget and beyond! A variety of subscription options also let you decide what resources you would like delivered to you to help you stay on track, and how often.
Check it out today and let’s finish Nutrition Month strong together!