Staff Favorite Salads

celery salad

The week is young and there’s still time to get your greens in! Check out staff favorite salads, from massaged kale to crunchy brussels sprouts, we’ve got you covered for National Salad Month.

Brittany French, Administrative Assistant
My favorite salad at the moment – Crunchy Brussels Sprout with Pecorino + Apples and Candied Pecans – It’s perfect to brighten up a meal in the deep of winter but also filling any time of the year. Contrasting textures, loads of flavor, nutrition packed, not only keeps well but gets better over time – my ideal!
Kerry Flanagan, Manager of Community Engagement and Support
Ok, I just couldn’t decide on one….the first is a longtime go to and the second is a new addition to the rotation in our house that takes advantage of the season.
1. This Parmesan Celery Salad Recipe is delicious just made/still warm, room temp or cold, and the nutty crunch is perfection. My go to protein packed lunch this time of year, also fancy enough to serve to guests. I really really want to eat my greens and even manage to some days for lunch, but I just can’t every day.
2. This Asparagus with Bacon and Hard-Boiled Eggs became a favorite of mine in recent weeks due to an over abundance of dyed hardboiled eggs in my house , and the lovely in season asparagus that is everywhere. And bacon. I can never say no to a salad with bacon.
Wendy Jeffries, Executive Director
Rich Kolm, Days of Taste Program Assistant
I’m also a big believer in massaging kale.
This video very concisely suggests a recipe while also touching on some of the chemistry behind this very hands on fun technique.
We’ve given you some salad, now do you think you might
be able to pay it forward?
This month, in honor of National Salad Month, we are raising funds to be able to provide more salad kits than ever before during the 2019 Fall semester.
Give a salad kit to a student and their family here.