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Thanks for visiting TasteWise Kids! We provide parents, guardians & teachers with resources & activities to get kids involved in food. Our lesson plans, activity sheets and games are designed to be accessible at home and on the go. Many require only pencil and paper to take part in the fun.

We're lucky to have a host of experts from the food industry on our side, with Maryland farmers and chefs who contribute to our learning materials and facilitate our events. Check out all we have to offer and start your family's journey to healthy eating and supporting a healthy planet. Have fun and happy tasting!

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Days of Taste students with wheelbarrow of compost

Food Activities for Home & On the Go

We have some amazing educators creating new nutrition activities and lessons that encourage kids to explore their senses of taste and the way food reaches our tables. Check out some of our favorites below or visit our TWKatHome Activities page to browse our full library!


Creating a Family Cookbook

Did you know that you can be the author of your own cookbook? The best part of this cookbook is that you can keep adding to it as you learn new recipes and food stories from your family.

Download a printable version of this activity and use the directions included to get started on making your own cookbook.

Find the full activity celebrating Valentine's Day and learning how love can help us discover and record our family's unique food story on the Family Food Story page.

bingo sheet for exploring a farmers' market

Farmers' Market Bingo

Just like any game of bingo, the rules are simple. Color in or put an X through the boxes as you complete them, walking through the farmers' market. When you have five boxes in a straight line going up and down, left and right, or diagonally across the board, you've got Bingo! Print your own Farmers’ Market Bingo here.

For instructions for this fun game to play while out shopping for ingredients and more educational materials on food careers, visit the full Farmers' Market Manager activity page.


Learn Kitchen Mathematics

Recipes are a wonderful way to teach yourself how to cook, but sometimes you might be missing an ingredient or you might want to try making up your own recipe. The best way to improvise and create your own recipe is by understanding how different factors can change how food works together. Let's do some math to help us make the perfect salad dressing!

Find out more about how cooking and math intersect, plus get a salad recipe walkthrough from a food expert in the full Kitchen Mathematics activity page.

There are so many ways to engage with food--aside from eating of course! If these activities interest you, check out our resource hub, where we have even more games and coloring pages for kids.

Got an idea for a great activity or don't see something you want? We're always looking for suggestions and feedback from our community. Just send us an email at jeugenio@tastewisekids.org

Find Family-Friendly Recipes to Explore

Cooking is one of the best ways to get kids excited about new and healthy foods. It offers a hands on way to learn about ingredients and encourages them to take pride in their creations, explore different cuisines and connect with you in the process!

TasteWise Kids is lucky to have both a food-loving staff and an amazing group of chef partners from around Maryland who contribute recipes to our Recipe Box.

They've designed recipes that are simple to prepare and so delicious to enjoy. Many of our recipes even have walkthrough videos from the Chefs who created them, to show you step by step how to prepare their delicious dishes.

Explore the recipes with your family and plan a day or night to cook together. Maybe you'll all find something new to enjoy, like this spicy and sweet Cucumber Kimchee Salad made by Chef Ban Chan of Toki Tako. Top it with chicken or tofu for a kickstarter lunch or use it as side dish for your dinner one night.

Do you know an awesome recipe that you think kids and their families would enjoy making and eating together? Are you looking for kid-friendly recipes that follow certain dietary restrictions like vegetarian or gluten free? Tell us all about it by contacting isiedman@tastewisekids.org.

Copy of TWK Recipe Format

Chef Steve Chu reads "Watercress" by Andrea Wang & Jason Chin

Events & Adventures for Your Food Learners

We strive to host educational events that are fun for kids to attend and easy for parents to access. Our Maryland farm and chef partners help us make this vision a reality with live read-alouds, cooking demonstrations and farm tours.

Check out our Zoom story time with Chef Steve Chu from Ekiben, where kids heard a story about how food and heritage are connected. We had so much fun!

We also encourage kids to get out and get their hands dirty, bring parents and caregivers ideas for scavenger hunts, ways to enjoy the farmers' markets and more.

We'll post all our upcoming events on our social media and our events calendar, so stay tuned!


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