#AskanExpert: Food for the Holidays

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Winter is Coming!

The holidays are fast approaching as we head into the second week of December and that means here comes a bunch of delicious food! This week in our #AskAnExpert series, we talked to a farmer, a master creamer and a chef about some of their favorite holiday goodies. They also discuss why they love their jobs and suggest some ways to discover new foods.

Here’s a sample of what these experts have to say about the upcoming holiday season.

David Alima, Owner and Master Creamer at The Charmery

What are your favorite holiday foods–traditional and untraditional?

“Well obviously this year is a bit different but my favorite holiday tradition was to use our eggnog ice cream (a flavor we only make for the holidays and one of my favorites) to make a milkshake and then walk from our Hampden shop to see the lights on 34th street with my family! That is something I will really be missing this year.”

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