Happy National Ag Month!

national ag month

by Brittany French, Contributor

March is National Agriculture Month! Our farming communities are so vital to society – they produce the food that feed our families, fuel, and fibers that clothe us. Though most of us are now inside in response to the COVID-19 crisis and unable to visit a farm in person, there are still a few creative ways to celebrate and remember the importance of agriculture.

Safely Enjoy Nature

While virtual learning is helping us get through, we can still safely get a break outside and make the most of our time, even if it’s in our own backyard.

  • Here are some cool tips to enjoy the outside, from a world-watching window to deck camping: 10 Nature Activities
  • Here are some fun activities that allow you to get out and explore with kids in your own backyard, ‘Poet Tree’ and ‘Tree Factory’ sound fun: In Your Own Backyard


Support Farms

  • Check out our post on the different ways to support local farms, such as buying local and joining a CSA: Support Farms