Podcast Feature With Charm City Dreamers

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We Talked With Charm City Dreamers…

We are excited to announce that a podcast episode recorded last month with our Executive Director, Wendy Jeffries and podcaster, Zack Garber went live this week! Let’s hear from her about her discussion on TWK’s work and dreams:

It was such an honor and lots of fun to talk with Zack Garber on his podcast, Charm City Dreamers. As you will hear, we talked about a lot of things including my path to TasteWise Kids and the importance of the work we are doing to inspire and empower Baltimore area kids around food and building healthy eating habits.

Check out this excerpt from the podcast:

Zack Garber: What are some of the biggest gaps that you’re seeing on the (food) educational front that surprises you that you guys are being able to help bridge for some of these kids in your programs?

Wendy Jeffries: I think one thing is that often kids get overlooked, which is really simple. I think a lot of food access and education work is geared towards adults. And while that’s really important, I think it’s forgotten that kids are often charged with or have the ability to make some decisions on their own. Starting young, and allowing them to learn the skills, to be able to speak up for themselves and empower them to make informed food choices.

To listen to the full episode, use one of the links below:

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About Charm City Dreamers

Charm City Dreamers is a podcast that shares inspiring stories of a diverse group of leaders in Baltimore. Their goal is to motivate people to Bmore and reach their dreams! This episode featuring TWK’s Wendy Jeffries, is part of a new series focusing on food insecurity and food resiliency. There are five other episodes in the series thus far, all worth exploring to learn more about the food issues and dreamers in Baltimore. See below the other dreamers who are featured on this awesome new series: